Edge IoT is an Internet of Things hardware and software solution. It collects and processes data from POSs in real time allowing you to assess the results of promotions and pretest promotional activities. Edge IoT measures KPIs, taking into account the entire purchasing funnel, including traffic, consumer interest, and product turnover. It also monitors operational elements related to sales (such as the distribution of secondary placements).


underStand requires no involvement from the store –
it can be installed on a variety of stands and can provide
both stand-based or shelf-based monitoring

underStand makes it easy to organize and monitor promotions
in real time so you can estimate future profits instantly

the unique architecture of underStand allows you to monitor
parameters such as the effectiveness of shelf product distribution

underStand is integrated in all Edge systems:
theStore, Geo, ProPOSe, VideoAnalysis, and Trade Planner

When to use Edge IoT systems

1. Concept design

(what can we do?)
  • new ideas for category management
  • new promotions
  • new pricing strategies
  • new channels
  • new products

2. Demand Planning

(where/ when should we do it?)
  • distribution and sales plans of products
  • distribution and sales plans of trade campaigns
  • investments vs. ROI

3. Execution

(how we can do it?)
  • sales representative training
  • building standards and guidelines
  • knowledge transfer

4. Logistics + Tracking

(let's do it!)
  • targeting clients and consumers
  • POSM placement
  • product distribution

5. Feedback and reporting

(how we did it?)
  • evaluating results
  • KPI
  • learning
  • improvement