Geo System is a solution that leverages geo-location to help adapt trade activities to the specific demand in a local store. It can also determine the profitability of potential POS locations


Adapt trade activities and category management
to the local store’s specific demand

Recommendations for activities specific
to the store are rooted in constantly
updated sales data analysis

You can adapt SKU listings, planograms,
category management, and promotional activities locally,
depending on the store’s location

You can determine the profitability
of potential POS locations

Efficient and relevant in-store activities will
build a relationship with the store owner/manager
and inspire their loyalty

When to use GEO system

1. Concept design

(what can we do?)
  • new ideas for category management
  • new promotions
  • new pricing strategies
  • new channels
  • new products

2. Demand Planning

(where/ when should we do it?)
  • distribution and sales plans of products
  • distribution and sales plans of trade campaigns
  • investments vs. ROI

3. Execution

(how we can do it?)
  • sales representative training
  • building standards and guidelines
  • knowledge transfer

4. Logistics + Tracking

(let's do it!)
  • targeting clients and consumers
  • POSM placement
  • product distribution

5. Feedback and reporting

(how we did it?)
  • evaluating results
  • KPI
  • learning
  • improvement