EmotioNPS is a unique system designed to monitor and analyse emotional response of both the employee and the customer. We have created a stand alone device which allows you to track the performance of a single service point and evaluate it’s performance. Use our device to gather declarative NPS data and build a fully automatic NPS prediction model based on employee & customer emotional response levels. With real time feedback you can help your employees provide top quality service for each single customer desk in many different business situations like:


Automatically measure, analyze and report emotional response of the customer and employee using high resolution wide angle cameras.

Use the built in touch display to present customizable message or present products and analyze customer response.

High performance ARM processor handles all video analysis on site. No images or video is ever transmitted making the solution compiant with personal data protection regulations.

Analysed data is available real time in Azure cloud thanks to built in GSM modem with secure network connection.

When to use EmotioNPS IoT System


Verify the quality of client servce for each individual consultant. Build automatic NPS estimation mechanisms and move your business processes towards automatic continious improvement.


Analyse customer reaction to various offers and help your employees deal with complex sales situation in a more confident way. Measure client traffic and demographics in your dealerships.


Analyse customer reactions to various offers. Improve your marketing strategy with continious and instand feedback. Implement changes faster.


Help your recruitment consultants hire better and more efficiently. Analyse candidate reaction to specific situations. Perform more in depth screening and provide your clients with candidates best suited for needed tasks.


Standarized assesment of service quality for each front office desk.

Statistical data about customer service quality will allow you to better plan your resources and build strategic plans to improve on service quality.

Determine the traffic in your service point.

Measure the demographics of your customers – including sex, age and race.

Low cost and high efficiency makes our solution the best tool to analyse and improve on customer service quality.

When to use EmotioNPS IoT system

1. Concept design

(what can we do?)
  • new ideas for category management
  • new promotions
  • new pricing strategies
  • new channels
  • new products

2. Demand Planning

(where/ when should we do it?)
  • distribution and sales plans of products
  • distribution and sales plans of trade campaigns
  • investments vs. ROI

3. Execution

(how we can do it?)
  • sales representative training
  • building standards and guidelines
  • knowledge transfer

4. Logistics + Tracking

(let's do it!)
  • targeting clients and consumers
  • POSM placement
  • product distribution

5. Feedback and reporting

(how we did it?)
  • evaluating results
  • KPI
  • learning
  • improvement