AllCNet is a “Super cookie” technology that is unparalleled in detecting and tagging online users. It gives your e-commerce solutions a boost without the downsides of traditional “cookie” solutions. AllCNet offers full ownership of the unified user base, reduced cost of user base acquisition for the purpose of campaigns and targeting and long-lasting information about users.


reduced costs – you don't need
to collect the same data
over and over again

long-lasting information
about users and insights

less data loss when compared to traditional
user identification technologies

precise profiling and pre-targeting
equals better results in terms of campaign KPIs

create segments based on data that
bears major business value

increased security thanks to the unique client
identification mechanisms

When to use AllCNet

1. Concept design

(what can we do?)
  • new ideas for category management
  • new promotions
  • new pricing strategies
  • new channels
  • new products

2. Demand Planning

(where/ when should we do it?)
  • distribution and sales plans of products
  • distribution and sales plans of trade campaigns
  • investments vs. ROI

3. Execution

(how we can do it?)
  • sales representative training
  • building standards and guidelines
  • knowledge transfer

4. Logistics + Tracking

(let's do it!)
  • targeting clients and consumers
  • POSM placement
  • product distribution

5. Feedback and reporting

(how we did it?)
  • evaluating results
  • KPI
  • learning
  • improvement